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From Jan 1999 to Nov 1999.

Nov 30th: 7th Heaven is currently out of KTLBFY. They never had any Palomar cds. They
should be getting some more in stock soon, so keep trying. If you come to the homepage, and see that there hasn't been an update in a while, that may just mean that I'm being lazy, and you should still check the Forum. It is easier for me to post news on the forum, especially when I'm out of town, so news will probably appear there first.

Oct 29th: This took me way to long to put up. Thanks to Bob from Indy I have these pictures to show you. They were taken from the Indy show this last summer. Steve is on vocals Here is number 1, and here is number 2. Enjoy.

Oct 15th: I just wanted to get a few things in this news area real quick. I have been getting a
lot of e-mails lately asking these same questions, so I think I should probably say it here. Yes, Paw has broken up again. I don't think anyone knows if they will get back together or not, but lets just keep our collective fingers crossed. I'd hate to see the greatest rock band of the 90's slip away into non existence forever. If you want to order KTLBFY or Palomar's cd, you can order them from 7th Heaven in Lawrence, Kansas. Their phone number is (785) 843-3630. They will ship it out to you for around $3, and it's about $13 for the cd. I have created a few more pages on here, so the audio, video, pictures, and mailing list links should all work now. I have also added a message board. I need to fix some lyrics, finish the 
lyrics menu's, fix the links, update the releases area, get rid of Misc. Info, and fix all the menu bars in the whole page. I also plan to add an Other section which will include background info, tab, and highlight other Local Kansas area bands that I think are pretty
cool. It's a long road ahead, but I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks for your patience.

Sep 6th: As you can see, I have started the site move and redesign. I'm hoping to have it all
done by next week. I did away with the frames completely. Instead, I used a main menu that every page will have on the left side. This will allow you to still have the benefit of frames, without the hassle of them. My new webserver has plenty of space, so I will be uploading rare video and audio clips for you to download. I think the new design will be beneficial to all.

.July 20th:If you can't make it to the CBGBs show in NY on the 22nd, you can catch it live at at 11:00Pm. Thanks to Steve for the info. 

July 17th: I made some lyric corrections to Veronica. Thanks to Matthew, I have fixed the
line:"Match your compact's brush". It amazes me, that after 6 years, some of the lyrics for Dragline are still wrong. Of course this website hasn't been up for 6 years, but you would think, by now, I would know all the lyrics. There are still some dumb mistakes I need to fix with all the songs. I'd like them to be perfect. Word for word. 

Update. I went through all the lyrics on Dragline. I corrected many errors in the lyrics and
punctuation. I was surprised there were so many errors. I am even more surprised that there are still many lines that I can't figure out. I would apreciate any help at all. If you see a line that has ??? after it, and you know what Mark is saying, please e-mail me and shed some lite. 

June 28th: Well, here are some Paw tour dates for next month. Unfortunately, I can't credit
these to anyone because the person who posted the info, posted anonymously. I have resolved to give the new linup a chance, and I encourage everyone else to do the same. It won't be Paw anymore as far as I'm concerned, but it may be a new band that I will like none the less. I think I will call the new band, Markless. Here are the dates, and what really sucks, is that I'm supposed to go to NC at the end of July, and wouldn't you know it, that's when they are playing in my "area". It's been over 3 years sice I last saw them play, and now I may miss it because I'll be in North Carolina. I hope I can rearange something. Ohh, one last thing, since everyone has been wondering, I will continue to cover Mark's career 

July 20 - Melody Inn, Indianapolis. 

July 22 - Cbgb's NYC. 

July 23 - The livingroom, Providence,RI. 

July 24 - The saint, Asbury Park, NJ. 

July 26 - Euclid Tavern, Cleveland, OH. 

July 27 - Metro, Chicago. 

July 28 - Cactus Club, Milwaukee, WI. 

July 29 - The Warehouse, LaCrosse, WI. 

July 30 - 7th St. Entry, Minneapolis. 

July 31 - Hairy Mary's Des Moines, IA.

June 24th:This has been a shitty week. I got an e-mail a few days ago from someone telling
me Mark was being temporarily replaced with Steve from Season to Risk. They told me about the upcoming tour featuring this new singer, and that they planned on releasing a new ep with this singer. Unfortunately, I felt that it was all probably true. It answered some questions I was having. I was still hoping it wasn't true though. Then I get 2 more e-mails from 2 different people telling me basically the same thing. They had all heard about it from different people or places. So why does this bother me? It bothers me because I am a Paw fan, not a Grant and Peter playing with some guy named Steve fan. Paw is not Paw without Mark. I don't care how fuckin good this dude may or may not be, it's just not the same. I think Grant and Pete are great musicians, but without Mark, I don't even want to like them and I will probably be hard-headed, and not even give it a chance. Can you or I do 
anything to change this? No, probably not. If it's just temporary what am I so worried about? It ain't temporary. I would put money on that. Saying it's temporary is just a way to get people to give it a chance and hope they like it before you tell them it wasn't temporary. It's also a good way to try out a new singer on the road, and if it doesn't work out say "we always said it was temporary". I hope all this turns out to be untrue, but the fact that I'm putting the info here means that deap down I know that it is true. 

May 27th: I added lyrics for the songs 2 brothers and "song5". Follow the link above. 

May 22nd: Wow, has it been that long? Sorry for the lack of updates. I offer no explanation other than my own laziness. I made changes/fixes to the St. Jude lyrics. I also fixed a line in Veronica. Thanks to John for the Veronica fix. 

March 4th: Well, I already did todays news and my stupid computer dumped it before I got to save it, so it will be abreviated. The new ep is scheduled to be released in May (thanks Mike S.). The band is planning an Australian tour this month. They will return to the states after this tour and begin playing the midwest. Try to go to the shows if you can and try to get a recording. 

February 14th: Ok, I know its been a long time since I made an update, but I've been really busy. I guess I'll fill you in on what is already pretty common knowledge. The band is currently recording a 5 song ep. They will start touring to support this ep in March. They may have a second guitar player joining them at the shows. No one really knows what is going to happen to the artists that were with A&M Records since they have been bought out. For all intent and purposes, A&M is no more. I told everyone that Im putting up a paw tab page, but I still haven't even started on it yet. Try holding you're shift key and clicking here, here and here, and see if I put any of it up yet. I would like to thank Harold for giving me some of the tab that I have to upload. I have an idea for something kinda fun to try on the mailing list. I'll fill you in more later. 

January 18th: I uploaded the Lolita video. I corrected the lyrics for One More Bottle(thanks to Carrie) and Kid Cotton. I also put up the lyrics for the song St.Jude. Look for a new misc.section for guitar tab(coming soon). 

January 9th: I uploaded the Hard Pig live video. You can get it from the video area. I also
changed the wallpaper of this site, as I'm sure you already noticed. I hope you like it. I was
getting tired of the old one. 

January 8th: One of my favorite songs right now is "St. Jude". If you have'nt had a chance to hear this excellent new song, I put a RealAudio recording of it in the audio area of this website. It's the whole song, but the quality suffers from the RealAudio compression. If you don't feel like searching my site for it, just click here. If you want to save it to disk, hold the shift key on you're keyboard as you click here. 

January 6th: I put the lyrics up for Cowpoke. I was having a hard time with one of the lines, but I finally got it. It was the line "wrote it in blue". I also fixed the lyrics for Kid Cotton. I took over most of these lyrics from a departed friend and I never got around to fixing all the mistakes. When I finally get them all done, I'll let everyone know. I could always use some help, so if you see something that you know isn't right, let me know.