The Internet Band Connection

The idea here is simple. This is a place for all musicians who want to write music. If you are like me, it is hard to find other musicians in your area who have the same influences, or more importantly, have the same taste in music. This is why I started this resource. For over a year now, I have been writing music with 2 other people in other states. I start by coming up with an idea. I then record a click track using this Metronome program. After that, I load the click track and start recording the song using N-Track Studio. I do all the different guitar layers and bass. I then mixdown the song in 2 different versions (one with click, one without), encode into MP3, upload it to my webspace, and send the links to my drummer, Brian. He downloads the songs, and writes a drum track for the version with the click track. He then takes that track and mixes it with the version without click and encodes it back to MP3. He uploads it to his webspace and sends me the link. I then record it to cd and send it to my friend who is doing vocals. He records it to DAT and sings a vocal track. This last step is only necessary since the last person doesn't have the right computer equipment to do what Brian and I do.

Before you send any of your music to anyone, do yourself a favor and copyright it. If you can't afford to do this the right way, then you may try a "poor man's copyright." This is where you put the music on CD, and send it to yourself in a certified letter that you do not open. This may not protect you in all cases, so the only way to make sure you are protected is to get a lawyer. I am only saying this to help you out and cover my own ass. I can not be held responsible for any loss you may incur from some asshole stealing your music and making a huge record deal.

So how does this work? I provide a message board for you to meet others. The message board will be split into 5 groups. Guitarist, Vocalist, Drummers, Bassist, and Other. You will post a message in the appropriate group and wait for a response. It will be slow at first, but once more and more people start finding out about this service, it will grow.

Coming Soon