Last updated: January 10, 2001

January 10th: So what is going on with Paw? This is something I get asked a lot lately. I did have the chance to talk with Grant before Christmas. He is currently working on a movie project. Mark is currently very busy with school. They are still together and still writing. They wanted to do some more shows last fall, but Grant had walking pnemonia and they had to cancel a lot of their plans.

I think once Mark finishes this year of school, they will start playing some shows again. Hopefully they can get a new record deal with someone other than Koch. It is no surprise to all Paw fans that Koch has been worse than A&M in the support department, I didn't even think that was possible. I don't know what kind of deal they are tied into with Koch, but I hope they can get out of it.

I am sorry for the long delay in getting everyone updates. I have been very busy with work and personal items, so the website had to take a back seat. I am still working on the redesign and hopefully I will finish soon. Once the redesign is complete, updates will be much easier. If anyone has any feedback on the site design, I would love to hear it. I have many, many ideas for this site, but it will take some time to implement them. My next task is a Flash version. I will give everyone the choice of html or flash on the main page. At least for a while.

September 14th: Paw will be playing a CD release party at the Bottleneck in Lawrence on September 22nd. (Thanks to ntbrown for mentioning this in the eGroup.) - Brian

July 20th: Paw will be going on stage this Monday, July 24th at around 11:30. The doors open at 8:00. I would get there early, so you don't miss anything. There is an opening band, but I am unsure of their name. Tickets are $10.

July 12th: The Paw show at the Bottleneck will be simulcast on Digital Club Network. The we address is Right now the schedule says Tuesday the 25th, but the Bottleneck says Monday the 24th. To be safe, I would check on Monday and Tuesday.

July 3rd: I have had several e-mails telling me that Paw will be playing the Bottleneck on July 24th. They will not be playing there on the 23rd. I called the Bottleneck concert line to confirm. If you would like to confirm yourself, you can call 785-841-5483. Also, thanks to Brian D. for the following info: You can now  pre-order Home Is A Strange Place from

June 28th: According to the Koch website (, the Ep is now scheduled for release on August 22nd. Good things come to those who wait. 

June 14th: Almost all the lyrics are now fixed. Mark H. was kind enough to send me the
original lyrics sheats for Death To Traitors and Dragline. So if you ever wandered what that line was, go check it out. I uploaded the live track of The Bridge and the title track to Dragline. Next week I will upload the rest of the songs that are currently down in the audio section of this website.

The band is playing a show at the Bottleneck on July 23rd. This will be broadcasted over the net. I will have the exact information as soon as I find out. The new release date for the EP is August 8th (thanks Perry). I am sure that this is final. 

The first single from the EP will be a radio friendly version of One Handed In The Redroom. I hope they just mute out part of the word motherfucker at the end of the song instead of cutting it out completely. While I don't think cursing makes a song better, I do feel that it adds to the anger of the song in this case. 

The second single will be Naiad, which is easily my favorite Paw song of all time. It looks like the bridge will be the first thing cut from this song to make it fit the relatively short attention span of the average radio listener. This is a real shame, because it is the best part of the song. Just listen to Mark scream "Go on now and leave me!", and you will know exactly what I mean.

May 14th: Jason was kind enough to send me a link from The Note's website. Here is a snipet from that article;

Home is a Strange Place isn't the only Paw record Koch will be serving up. The label has given the green light for Paw to start working on some brand new stuff and  is going to re-release Death to Traitors, which didn't get much of a chance on its initial entry into stores. "My running joke is if you listened hard enough, you could almost hear the record not coming out. The record came out in the beginning of August '95 and ... all the posters and flats and stuff weren't even printed until September. It was clearly a label that was on its way down," - Grant Fitch talking about A&M Records.

You can read the rest of the article here

May 8th: Here is the lowdown so far. Thanks to Nate, who was cool enough to tell me about Paw playing live this May 13th at City Market in Kansas City. It will  be an acoustic show since Paw doesn't have a drummer yet. If anyone knows of a great drummer in the Kansas area, let me know. More importantly, if anyone is friends with Pete, please convince him to get back with Paw. It just can't be as good without the Fitch brothers together. I mean, that is what Paw IS. It is brothers Fitch playing with Mark. It shouldn't be any other way. I have to thank the band for providing me with the following info.

The new label is called Koch records. They are based in New York. The EP has been pushed back until August. They aparently wanted a little more time to get things together before release. I assume this has a lot to do with it being an international release. The EP will be called "Home Is A Strange Place". 

The band is still working on material for the next full length CD. They are hoping to have it
ready for release at the end of this year, but this will probably be pushed back until the beginning of 2001. The real big news on this cd is 2 guest guitar players. Joe Satriani and Slash will be adding their combined genius to the new CD. I have been a long time Joe Satriani fan. I think he is an amazing guitarist. The similarities between him and Paw are beyond me though. How this will work out will be very interesting to see. Maybe it will be like this guy that plays piano at this Annapolis resturant called Copelands. He sounds just like Niel Diamond, but he sings a lot of Jimmy Buffet. If you can imagine what that sounds like, maybe you can imagine what Slash and Joe Satriani will be bringing to Paw. I am very curious.

The band will playing some shows this summer. I don't have all the details yet, but I do know that they will be broadcasting an internet simulcast in July.

Feb 15th: Wow! It has been a long time since my last update. A lot has been going on lately, so let me fill you in. Mark and Grant are playing together again. Jason is also back on bass. As far as I know, Pete is still not with the band. This is a real shame, and I wish he would give it another try. It is just not the same without him. Mark and Grant played an acoustic show at the Bottleneck in downtown Lawrence. Mark said it felt really good to be working with Grant again, and the show went very well. The band has signed a deal with a New York based record company. I am unsure of the name right now. I do know that they are much larger than Outlaw Records. They will be releasing the EP this May. It will be an international release, so all you blokes across the Atlantic are in for a real treat. They also 
agreed to do a 3rd cd which the guys are currently working on. They will be doing some shows in the midwest area this summer to support the Ep, so if they come to your town, or a state nearby, I wouldn't pass it up if I were you. I'm still hoping they take it out here to the east coast, but I won't get my hopes up yet. I'm glad to see that the EP is going to be released. It would have been a real shame if those great songs just died with only a chosen few having heard them. 

7th Heaven has KTLBFY back in stock again, so give them a call if you need one. (785)

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